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Chocobo Goddess

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In Case it Wasn't Already Obvious... [Nov. 14th, 2006|03:15 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
This Journal is now closed. Please refer to my current journal at divinebird until future notice.

There is a possibility that I will reopen this one someday, which is why I'm not deleting it, but for now I'm going to just say it for real that I'm no longer posting here.

I am also making the archive friends-only, because I haven't got the time to sort through three years of posts just to filter out the ones that I don't want to keep right now. XD


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And now we present...the sock [Jul. 25th, 2005|07:15 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
Meet Vladimir.Collapse )

Almost ready to make the toe. The next one will start with a yellow stripe. :)
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... [Jul. 24th, 2005|12:43 am]
Chocobo Goddess
[mood |artisticartistic]

Someone please help me.

I'm knitting socks on needles that are literally no bigger than two toothpicks placed end-to-end.

There are four needles.

This is my second pair of socks EVER--the first pair was made last year on huge needles with bulky yarn. These are being made with something just a bit heavier than perle cotton.

Am I crazy?

At least the heel's been turned, and I'm decreasing into the foot area, but omg. And after this one, I have to knit another.

OH and to make this interactive: I'm using a self-striping yarn in pink, maroon, orange, and yellow. I think of these as Dunkin Donuts socks, though with the yellow they're more like Lifesaver socks. Or Froot Loop socks.


I started with orange and ended up with a yellow heel. Should I start from the same point again when I start the next pair, or should I deliberately start at a different spot, in the hopes that the heel will be a different color?

Talk amongst yourselves.
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GRR! ARGH!! WHINE!!! [Jul. 15th, 2005|04:54 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
@#$% plug for my printer/scanner is NOWHERE to be found. I know there are more boxes I haven't unpacked, but I'm actually getting worried that it's gone. As in, GONE. Poof. NOWHERE. I am pissed and tired and I don't want to go back to work tonight at 8pm and then stay until 330am because Harry Potter strikes at midnight. I want to sleep. I didn't want to be there this morning, I don't want to go tonight, and I don't want to go in tomorrow.

Sunday is MINE, bitches. Don't even THINK of asking me to work. I gave up my stupid piece of metal that never gave me any benefit but left me with a headache key for this very reason.

The suckiest thing is that I'll be buying my copy of HP6 tonight, but won't be able to read it until tomorrow. X(


This whine is directed at no one person/group of people specifically. It is merely a means for the author to let off steam before the OMG PARTY!!1! at Waldenbooks tonight. She would much rather be curled up on the futon, knitting.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2005|12:25 am]
Chocobo Goddess
[mood |giddygiddy]

I now know what 550 Harry Potter books looks like. XD

I held #6 in my hands.

I read the inside flap and the first page.

And then I put it back.
I really wanted to read the last page. But I didn't. Does that make me good or crazy?


One week left. I will be working 11pm - 330 am.


EDIT: SPOILERS, people!! XD I think most of us have read the books, but please don't assume everyone has read book 5. I know someone who was buying the book, standing IN line, when someone else said, "OMG you're getting book 5? I LOVED it, especially the end WHEN..."

And my friend was like: "...shit."

So please, think of the children. :D

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...aaaand...BACK [Jun. 26th, 2005|11:03 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |U2 - Elevation]

Yesh. Back. :)

I love my apartment. I only hope it continues to delight me as time goes on. :) The main room has the original tin ceiling, which is lovely to wake up to. It's a bit of an adjustment to live in such close quarters with CGod again, but we've been married long enough that this is nothing major. The biggest challenge I forsee is keeping my computer safe in the kitchen. I've set up a couple of fans, and my landlord may be putting a hood over the stove to keep the moisture down.

The windows still need curtains, though they all have blinds at the moment. There's a lot that still needs to be unpacked. We sold a ton of stuff at our tag sale on Saturday, donated dozens of bags and boxes of more stuff, and I'm sure there will be more. Yin likes the new place, too, and her toys are everywhere. XD

On the job front, the promised manager training at the bookstore never materialized, so I've been cutting back my hours there in favor of working for my dad. It didn't really seem odd to do so, but apparently no one thought of me as able (or interested) in making cabinets. :) It's not what I want to do with my life, but he pays me more than the bookstore and guarantees me a better schedule. It's a highly physical job and I need to be conscious of my limits until I'm used to working this hard. I like the work. My dad is a good guy to work for. He's also a glass by which I can measure my own progress--if I can't keep up with a 50-something man, there's something wrong. ;)

I still don't see me being online much even now, not until I'm completely unpacked. A lot of the time I had planned to unpack after the move has been taken up by working for my dad and some unexpected hours at the store. I also have a ton of drawings that I need to scan and share. I have ideas not only for Created, but for a few stories I shoved aside a while ago.

OH and before I forget--I don't see myself doing much fandom stuff for the forseeable future. I know RoM is unfinished. I know there are a few stories I started and never continued. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the desire to work on them now. I won't say I'll never continue, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

And now I need to catch up on some comics and forums and stuff. Or maybe I'll just go to bed. XD

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Not Dead [Jun. 15th, 2005|02:07 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
Been moving. Taking longer than expected. No time to get online. Physically unable to access computer at home until unpacking is done. DSL connection soon. Love to all. Check out www.mare-serenitatis.net/view/view.html for recent drawings done to keep sanity.

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Prints and stuff [May. 22nd, 2005|01:45 am]
Chocobo Goddess
I added another print to my DA account, though it hasn't shown up yet. Check out http://www.chocobogoddess.deviantart.com/store to see if it's there. I am working on some commissions and I do have another in the posted series coming up, sometime after I move.

I'm about to disappear for a few days while I pack, sort, and transport everything in the house. I'll be back on sometime at the end of next week, for anyone looking for me. Some of you have my phone number, so CALL ME if you're worried. ;)

On the kitten front: I couldn't figure out why CGod was telling me to call the cat the other day, but I did. In she pranced, with something stuck to her side--I heard CGod chortling in the other room, and thought maybe he'd put a sticker on her or something. I was wrong. She'd rolled on the carpet, and right afterward went chasing after a piece of plastic wrap that missed the trash can. Apparently, it was from CGod's latest issue of Playboy, because my kitten came happily trotting in with the words 'Sexy Girl' stuck to her fur with static. XD I knew she thought highly of herself, but HONESTLY...

Back later.
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Moving on... [May. 13th, 2005|05:23 pm]
Chocobo Goddess
Ok, so yes. Drama. Much of it. Suckage, and not all of it is resolved, but maybe things will calm down eventually.

Moving on.

My page sucks majorly, so I've decided it's time for a total revamp. It's redundant to host my art there AND on my DA gallery, as it is to have my fics there when they're perfectly accessible on FF.net. And some of my fics, especially the works in progress that I probably won't finish anytime soon, are coming down.

I've also been mucking about with layouts and deciding if having a page that's easier to google is even worth the trouble tables have been giving me. I seem to have hit a bit of a wall where web design is concerned; I don't know php or javascript, and more and more I head to lissaexplains.com instead of really working on learning the code myself. I've also spread myself too thin, so I need to get away from the shotgun approach and narrow my focus a bit.

Maybe I obsess a bit too much about the page, but it's never just right for me. I've come close, but there are still problems and I want perfection, dammit. ;) Seriously, though, I don't update enough to make some of the pages worthwhile. I need to prune.

Toying with the idea of going friends-only, but I really don't say much here that needs that level of security, so meh. Will think about it when not in the midst of other things.

OH and for the next few weeks, I'm going to be online only rarely. My current apartment contains a houseful of stuff, I'm moving into a place 1/3 the size of this one (though in the same building, so yay), and I have to figure out what to do with all the stuff we're NOT taking to the new place. If you're trying to talk to me, either leave an offline message on YIM or email me.

That's about all for today. Now I need to head to wark, where I must check out the other Ruth Reichl books we have, because Garlic and Sapphires ruled.

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A few important things. [May. 8th, 2005|12:57 am]
Chocobo Goddess
[mood |blankblank]

I'd like all who read this to head over to http://www.mare-serenitatis.net for a bit of important info.


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